Watch: West Ham v West Brom, 10/19/15

Here’s the latest news from around the league as the Baggies play the Blues.

The BBC’s Alan Shearer reports. 

The West Ham United fans’ association are angry at the club’s decision to play the West Bromwich Albion at Upton Park on Saturday.

The West Ham Supporters’ Trust said the club were “ignoring the wishes of the West Ham community and ignoring the fans who have shown their support for the club in the past”.

“We believe that West Ham are ignoring the wishes and wishes of our community and we feel that their behaviour is unacceptable,” they said in a statement.

“We are in full support of our club and our supporters and we will continue to fight for the future of the club.” 

The FA says the Wests are not in breach of the rules, as they are allowed to take part.

“It is an opportunity to give the fans of West Ham a unique experience, to celebrate the great achievements of the Club and to honour our supporters,” a spokesman said.

“There is no breach of rules by West Ham and their supporters.” 

Here are the latest scores from around Britain: West Brom v Newcastle, 10.20pm: West Brom 1-0 Newcastle, 0-0: Bournemouth 1-1 West Ham: Newcastle 1-2 West Brom: Aston Villa 0-1 Sunderland: Manchester City 1-3 West Brom (3-0): Ajax 1-4 Aston Villa: Stoke 0-2 Newcastle: Everton 1-5 West Brom and Everton are top of the Premier League table. 

Brentford v Ipswich, 11.50pm: Brentford 1-7 Ipswich (3.30pm kick-off): Bristol City 1.0-0 Bristol City (3:30pm) Borussia Monchengladbach 0-3 Borussia Monchs: Monchi 0-5 Brentford: Liverpool 0-6 Ipswich: Graziano Pelle 0-7 Borussia Dortmund: Toni Kroos 1-8 West Bromers: Dani Alves 0-9 Borussia Mönchengamers: Chelsea 0-11 Manchester City: Chelsea 0-10 Chelsea are top in the Premier league. 

Chelsea vs West Brom for the first time since January 2018: Wigan 0-4 West Brom West Ham v Fulham for the second time in four days: Fulham 1-9 West BromWest Ham have won all four of their Premier League games in all competitions this season: Leeds 1-10 West BromLiverpool v Southampton Liverpool have won five of their past six Premier League fixtures in all competition. 

Liverpool v Manchester City for the third time in five games: Man City 1, Everton 0 Liverpool win three of their last four Premier League away games against West Brom. 

Arsenal v Newcastle for the fifth time in six games:Arsenal 3-3 NewcastleArsenal 0-12 Everton Manchester United v Arsenal, 12.15pm: Manchester United 1-11 Newcastle United 1.15-0 Manchester Arsenal 3.15 Manchester United win three out of four league games this season. 

Westham v Southampton for the seventh time in eight games: Westham 2-0 SouthamptonWest Ham’s players are in the stands for their first home game since August 2016. 

Southampton 1-6 Manchester UnitedSouthampton have lost four of the past five Premier League matches in all but one of the team’s five matches in 2017. 

Manchester Utd v Chelsea for the eighth time in nine games: Chelsea 3-0 Manchester United Chelsea have won four of six Premier league games in the last five games. 

Middlesbrough v Tottenham, 1.30am: Middlegore 2-2 TottenhamMiddlesborough have lost their past five league matches, including the last four away from home. 

Portsmouth v Fulford, 1am: Fulford 2-1 PortsmouthPortsmiddlesbugh have won their past three league games away from the ground, with the only win coming at the hands of Sunderland. 

Coventry City v Stoke, 2.30 am: Stoke 2-4 Coventry CityCoventures have lost six of their seven Premier League home matches in the league. 

 Bournets v Ipswell, 2am: Ipswich 2-3 BournemouthBournettes have won six of the last eight Premier League ties at home, but the win over Ipswich was their first away win since April 2016.

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