Is Google Scripting Your Website?

The Federal Communications Commission voted to approve the use of scripts on the Internet.

The decision, which comes just days after the FCC voted to allow the use on mobile phones.

The Federal Register report details how the use was approved: It will not be necessary to request an approval of an application for a script from the Commission.

However, applications will be considered under the FCC’s general rules and guidelines, which do not require the use or approval of a script.

The use of script may be limited to certain categories of sites, such as educational or research content, or to specific content, such in the case of scripts for commercial purposes.

It will also not be required to obtain the written approval of the applicant.

There are no details on how the FCC will enforce the decision, or what the rules will be.

The FCC has made its decision in response to a request from the American Civil Liberties Union, which is challenging the FCC decision.

It states: “A programmatic use of a human being’s information without the user’s consent violates the First Amendment rights of the individual, as well as the rights of others, including the right to free expression.

The FCC will not approve programs that require a user to provide explicit consent.”

The FCC also noted that the use could cause a disruption to internet services, but that “it is unlikely that such disruptions would cause substantial harm.”

The report also highlights the importance of the issue:The decision comes as the FCC continues to implement a sweeping new set of rules aimed at making the Internet more transparent and consumer-friendly.

While it is not the FCC ruling on the script, the agency’s move means that it is likely to be approved as well.

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