How to create a PHP subscription script

The Times Of India ™ has created a simple PHP script that lets you subscribe to any article and watch it in your browser.

The script is a bit complex, but it’s worth it.

The first thing you need to do is create an account on this site, and then you can add any of the subscriptions you want.

It is possible to subscribe to multiple subscription types at once.

It’s also possible to sign up for multiple subscriptions and see the results at the same time.

To subscribe to an article, you need the URL, which you can find on the front page of the page.

You can choose whether to subscribe via email, SMS, and even by following a link in the text box.

You will be redirected to a page where you can subscribe.

The article you want to subscribe will appear on the screen.

The JavaScript code below will let you subscribe.

set_author_name($author); $articles_title = $article[‘title’]; $articles = array(); $articles->add_filter(‘article_id’, $article); $links_text = ‘

‘; } else { $items = array(‘article’, ‘topic_title’, ‘‘ ..

$article [0] .

‘‘, ‘article’, ”); $items[] = ‘

  • <a href="#" title="' ..

    htmlspecialchaises($_HTTP_HEADER[‘HTTPHEADER’])) ..


  • ‘; if ($items[‘type’] == ‘text’) { $links[] = “”; } elseif ($links[‘type’ == ‘url’] && $links[‘href’] !== ” && $items[‘href’]) { $articles[] = ”; } else{ $links [] = ”;” } } $url = strtolower($article[‘url’)); $url += ‘

    ‘ .

    strtotime($article[$article[‘topic_id’]],$article[‘date’])) + ‘

    ‘ .$article.

    ‘ ‘ + strtoupper($links) .’

    php <?

    php if ($article[‘category’] !

    = ”) { if (!empty($subscriptions)) { echo ‘

    ‘ ; $subscriptitions = array($article); echo ‘

    ‘; foreach ($subscriptations as $sub) { echo strtod($sub[‘sub_id’], $sub[‘title’]); } } echo ‘


    <a class="link" href="” title=”Subscription” >Subscription links</a ‘ >subscripting, ‘>

    ?> The script will then return an array of PHP arrays containing the names of the articles, the topic title, the author, and the topic topic.

    You might need to sort by the title to get a better sense

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