‘We’re Not Getting Away’: The New York Times and the New York Post Are Taking on the News Industry

The New Yorkers who have taken to the streets to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries have a message for the news industry: Stop trying to rewrite history.

The protest, organized by the New Yorkers for Racial and Economic Justice, is part of a wave of anti-Trump protests across the country, where demonstrators are calling on news organizations to stop the repetition of falsehoods and misinformation.

“We’re not getting away.

We’re not going to let this continue.

The truth has been put in the sand.

And you need to stop trying to get us to believe the same things that you’ve been telling us about the history of the country for decades,” said Tasha Thompson, a 27-year-old mother of two who is marching to the Newseum in Washington.

“We are not going away.

That’s our right.”

The protesters are marching through the streets of New York and other cities on Monday to draw attention to what they see as the bias and misinformation in the mainstream media, which has portrayed Muslims as violent and extremists, according to the Times.

A New York-based media watchdog group called Truth-O-Meter has called the Times’ reporting on the travel ban “slanderous” and said it has “disproven” its claims that Muslims are a growing threat.

The Times reported on Feb. 25 that the travel order has prompted a wave in hate crimes against Muslims, including a shooting at a California mosque, and prompted President Trump to declare the ban unconstitutional and order federal officials to halt it.

In the Times article, the newspaper claimed that the order was based on the false belief that Muslims “are a new breed of violent extremists, and the administration has found a justification for that in the religion itself.”

The article also quoted a senior administration official as saying that “there is no credible evidence that the vast majority of Muslims are dangerous terrorists.”

But a study by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights organization, found that there was no evidence to back up the Times claim that the ban is a major driver of anti or anti-Muslim violence in the U.S.

The New York Police Department has also come under fire for its handling of the protests, with one protester being detained and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct for allegedly grabbing a reporter’s arm and yelling obscenities at police.

Police said that the protester was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation after he began screaming “F— Trump” and “You’re fired!”

The protester was later released without charge.

The protests have been held every weekday in New York City since March 16.

They began in the wake of the shooting of three Muslims in a parking garage in Brooklyn, and quickly spread to New Jersey, California, Florida, Virginia and Texas.

A similar protest against Trump took place in Boston on March 3, but it was interrupted by an officer who fired his weapon and then was fatally shot.

Trump has been criticized for his policies in the aftermath of the Boston shooting, including the president’s initial response to the tragedy, in which he said that if he were president, he would ban Muslims from entering the U, which he did not do.

But the protests have sparked a backlash, with some calling for Trump to step down.

On March 17, the president retweeted a video of a demonstrator holding up a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” sign in front of the White House, which quickly went viral.

“Don’t forget, if you’re Muslim, you’re a terrorist,” he said in the video, in response to a question about whether or not the sign was actually offensive.

Trump also called for the protesters to go home, telling reporters that he would personally pick out a person to send to jail for participating in the protests.

“If you’re an American citizen, please go home and not come back here,” he tweeted.

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