‘Mock’ Reddit’s ‘redditors’ are a ‘mob’ and should be beaten by cops: Report [LINK]

Breitbart News reported this week on an article published on the website of the libertarian group The American Conservative, which said that “Redditors” were “a mob that should be beat by cops” and that “police have no choice but to use their batons and stun guns to subdue them”.

The article, titled “Mock Redditors Are a Mob That Should Be Beat by Police”, has since been taken down.

But it is still available online, where users have written comments claiming that the article is fake and that the “mock Reddit” article is based on a fake news report.

The American Conservative’s “mocks” article appears to be a satirical article about how Redditors and other “mob” types are being targeted by the Obama administration and the FBI for being “mocked” by the President on the site.

It appears to have been written by someone using the pseudonym “John Doe”, who claims to be an editor at The American Conservatives.

The article claims that the FBI and the National Security Agency are targeting the “redditors” for their political views and for the fact that they “have the temerity to criticize the Administration”.

“The truth is that they are the mob that will take away our freedoms, our liberties, our jobs, and even our lives,” Doe wrote.

“The only way out of this mess is for us to go on the offensive.

And we need to do it right now.””

Redditors have a chance to take back our country from the criminals that control it,” Doe continued.

“If they do, they will have the opportunity to fight back.

We will be in good hands, for they have the resources to make the most of it.”

Redditors are the “main stream of the internet”, the website says, and “the world’s most active online community”.

It has over 2.6 million registered users.

The site, which has been around since 2011, is a popular forum where users post and discuss various political topics.

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