When The Latest Pause in the US Military’s COVID-19 Response Is ‘Risky Business’

Breitbart News was the first to report that President Trump’s “Pivot to Asia” plan has been stalled by a lack of funding, with the president claiming “there’s no money” for the initiative.

This is not true.

As Breitbart News has reported, the Trump administration is currently spending $3.5 billion for “Operation Pacific Crest” and $3 billion for the military’s COVAIL.

These funds will go toward “federal support to support regional and community responses to the pandemic.”

And as Breitbart News reported, “Trump’s Pivot to Asian Pacific Command is expected to be a top priority for the Pentagon.”

Trump has promised to build up the U.S. military in Asia to “do more for the people in that region than the world has ever seen.”

Trump’s announcement of the “Pacific Crest” plan in early May also called for “building new ships and ships-based assets” and for “providing a greater share of the Navy’s energy, logistics, and warfighting missions.”

The plan has “taken months to finalize and put into effect.”

In addition, Trump has “been pushing hard for the deployment of more U.A.E. troops in the region.”

This is why, as Breitbart reported, Trump is “racing to be the first president to commit more troops to the region, a move that will almost certainly draw a response from Beijing.”

The Trump administration also wants to spend $3 trillion on the military, “including the $3,600 billion the Pentagon already spends annually on the Asia-Pacific region.”

And the Trump Administration has proposed the deployment “of more than 60,000 troops in South Korea and Taiwan, more than 1,000 military trainers in Japan, more THAAD batteries in Guam, more ships in the Pacific, more aircraft in the skies over the U

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