“It’s Not the Movies, It’s the Movies” – IGN

The new film adaptation of the classic 1960s sci-fi thriller is coming to Netflix and other streaming services.

“It’s not the movies, it’s the movies,” says Seth MacFarlane.

“It tells the story of the origin story of one of the greatest American science fiction franchises.

It’s an origin story about a little kid named Luke and his friends.

It is the greatest science fiction story ever told.””

It is a great tribute to our family, our friends and our fans,” says MacFarnys son, Matt.

The reboot of the franchise will see the new film’s main cast reprise their roles, with the new movie stars playing their original roles in the new reboot, which is expected to be released in 2017.

It’s been said that MacFaronks daughter, Seth MacGowan, has been offered a part in the film, but that he has turned it down.

MacFarlane said he and MacGowans son have talked about returning to the franchise, but were hesitant because they wanted to get it right first.

If it gets made, MacFarronks film could have its biggest opening weekend ever.

In 2015, the film grossed more than $2 billion worldwide.

While MacFars family is still around, he recently released his first solo film, a horror film called, “The Evil Dead”.

“I’m still the same guy, just in a completely different role,” MacFARrons son told the press.

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