5 reasons why you should use php shop in your website

The new version of WordPress allows you to create an auto-generated shopping cart for your customers to select from and place in your store.

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to do just that.1.

Click the menu icon and select Shop 2.

Select the “Advanced” tab.3.

Select “Customize” 4.

Select your custom cart name and enter your cart number.5.

Click “Finish”6.

Go to the “Products” section of your WordPress site and select the items you want to sell.7.

On the right-hand side, click “Cart Options” and select “Cart Categories”.8.

Select a category and click “Add New”9.

On your cart, make sure that the cart item is checked.10.

You’re done!

If you want, you can check the cart items on the left side of the cart to see if they’ve been added.1- Create an Auto-generated Shopping Cart for Customers to Select from in Your WordPress Shop2.

On WordPress.com, click on the menu and select Settings.3- Click on “Advanced”, then “Manage Custom Fields”.4- Click the “Custom Fields” button and select your cart items.5- You’re almost done!

Now you should be able to create a shopping cart.

If you want you can remove the items from the cart, add new ones, and remove the old ones, but that’s pretty simple.

The shopping cart will still function as a default.1) Create an “Auto-generated” Shopping Cart with Custom Fields to Sell Items in Your Site2) Remove Items from an Auto Generated Shopping Cart3) Add new items to an Auto Created Shopping CartIf you do the above, you should see an “Added Items” box in the shopping cart list.

To add more items, click the “Add Items” button.1 to 5

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