How to use BBC Sport’s new app to buy and sell games – and get tips from the pros –

You can now download BBC Sport apps from the BBC Sport app store for iOS and Android.

It’s all part of the new BBC Sport App Experience, which has been launched alongside the launch of the app for the BBC One and BBC Two. 

Here’s what you’ll find in the BBC Sports App Store for iOS:  All of the BBC’s games on BBC iPlayer are now available for free on the BBC App Store. 

We’re also adding games from the World Rugby Championship, the Rugby World Cup, the European Championships, the World Series of Poker, the Commonwealth Games, and the Ashes series, with more to come. 

The BBC Sport Store is a free app which offers you a range of apps to watch, listen and read. 

You can download games from BBC Sport on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Windows Phone. 

To find out more, head to BBC Sport and follow the links below to download and start watching BBC Sport. 

All games are available to watch and listen to for free. 

Find out more on the BBC Sport app site and get a free BBC Sport membership by signing up to the BBC Store.

Want to listen to BBC Radio 4’s Games Show? 

Sign up to BBC Play to hear Games Show every week, or get more podcasts and listen for free from the Radio 4 app. 

It’s also free to stream Games Show on your computer or smartphone. 

Games Show is a live programme hosted by Mark Taylor, a host of Games Show and a host on the Games Show podcast, featuring interviews with the best games journalists in the world, as well as the BBC. 

If you can’t listen live, you can also download Games Show episodes on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

BBC Radio 4 and the Games Team welcome you to the new app, which will be available to download from Friday 6 August, and available for all BBC Sport customers on iOS and Android starting at £2.99/€3.99. 

In the meantime, check out the BBC app store, which offers more than 60,000 apps and offers new games to play and listen too. 

Read more about the BBC Apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple Watch and Google Play.

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