Why You Should Never Forget About PHP’s Traceroute Plugin

By default, phpTraceroute displays the most recent packets received and processed from the remote server.

This functionality is often useful, but sometimes you’ll want to inspect the current status of your connection to see what traffic is coming in.

Here’s how to disable the Traceroutes feature from phpTrace:1.

Open a terminal window2.

Type in the following command: sudo systemctl disable phpTracert.service2.

To force the phpTraced session to remain active, press CTRL+ALT+T2.

If you don’t want to be forced to restart the phpConnection, you can disable the PHPTracerouteconfiguration.service file using the command sudo system_opts phpTracing.service.3.

You can also disable the php Tracing configuration file using this command:4.

Restart your phpConnection to make the changes.5.

Now you can remove the php-traceroute-plugin plugin from your system by typing: sudo service phpTraces stop5.

Restarts the php connection.

The plugin’s traceroutebug plugin is an alternative for PHPTrace to display more useful information.

To enable it, follow these steps:1.)

Open a Terminal window2.)

Type in: sudo apt-get install php-trace-plugin3.)

Type the following in the terminal window:5.

Type: sudo update-alternatives –purge phpTracers4.

Type the command: To remove the PHP Tracerouts plugin from the list of plugins, type the following:5) Restart the php Connection.5) Type the above command to remove the Tracers plugin from all PHPTraces.

Plugins are optional, but the default setting for phpTracement does not support plugins.

If you need to disable PHPTracing, simply type the commandsudo systemctl remove phpTrACert.

Service sudo system-opts-phpTracing-plugin

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