How to write a script to get your WordPress theme paid

We’re sure you’ve seen the script that’s been circulating on social media, and you’ve probably seen the copy of the script.

If you’re looking to get paid for your WordPress themes, it’s time to learn how to do it yourself.

It’s easy.

We’ve broken down the steps you need to follow to get WordPress paid, but here’s the important part: It’s entirely up to you.

There are plenty of plugins that let you do this yourself, and if you’re feeling brave and want to learn from others, you can use one of these scripts to get more than $2,000.

Read on to find out how.1.

Find a WordPress theme You can use the free WordPress Theme Builder to find the right theme for your site.

The site that you want to submit your WordPress files to is listed under the “Theme Builder” tab.

You can select any of the themes that are available in the WordPress Theme Library, and the theme that you select will be used to build your theme.2.

Write the scriptYou’ll need to know how to write the script to submit it to WordPress.

In our WordPress theme builder, there are two scripts for this task: one that lets you create your own template, and one that allows you to embed your code.

The template script uses the WordPress theme that the theme is available in, and this will be your template.

The embed script uses a template that you’ve already created for your theme, so it’ll be used when submitting the template.3.

Submit the template You’ll need your WordPress login, a copy of your theme’s files, and some WordPress commands to get it ready to be submitted.

Create a new folder in your WordPress site’s root folder and name it “theme.”

Make sure that the file name matches the name of your template file.

For our theme, we’ll name it theme.php.

Open your WordPress dashboard.

In the menu bar, click the menu button and select “Edit menu.”

Under the “Editor” section, click “New menu item.”

In the new menu, select “Scripts.”

In this menu, enter the following: script(WordPress)$wp_script_name_here$wpphp_scriptname_there$wpinstall_template_hereNow that you have your theme ready to submit, you’re ready to go!

Once your WordPress Theme is ready to work, you’ll be asked to upload it.

When the upload is complete, you should see your uploaded theme in your dashboard.

If the upload completes successfully, your WordPress plugin will be able to see that your theme has been paid.


You’ve just received your first WordPress theme payment!

If you need help with getting paid for WordPress, check out our guide on how to make a payment with a credit card, or browse our list of the best WordPress themes for beginners.

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