New York: ‘No way we can take the lead’

New York, NY (CNN) — New York City’s “No Way We Can Take the Lead” policy was created in 2006 to help combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, but the policy has been criticized as a failure.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that the city has learned a lesson in this, and that he plans to re-evaluate the policy in the future.

“The policy that we had before has proven ineffective, it has not worked,” Bloomberg said at a press conference in his office.

It’s something that I think the public deserves to have a look, because we’ve had a lot of people killed and it has a big impact on our community and the people that live here.””

I think it’s one of the things that I’ll review.

It’s something that I think the public deserves to have a look, because we’ve had a lot of people killed and it has a big impact on our community and the people that live here.”

Bloomberg also said the city would not renew its “No” banner advertising ban, which is a condition of the city’s contract with Fox.

“They have to show a banner that says ‘NYC’ in the same way as any other city that’s doing it,” he said.

“This is the same city that just went through an incredible economic crisis.”

Bloomberg is the third mayor to announce a plan to reevaluate the citywide banner advertising policy, after he was criticized by AIDS advocates earlier this year for having a “no way” policy.

In March, New York’s Office of the City Manager released a memo outlining steps the city will take to better manage its advertising contracts with the Fox News Channel.

The city, according to the memo, will “implement new policies, such as the one we just outlined, to make advertising campaigns more effective and cost effective.”

“New York City has worked with Fox News for many years and it’s not surprising that we’re seeing changes to how we advertise in New York,” said Eric Bock, president and CEO of the American Council on Exercise.

“But the most important lesson for New Yorkers is that our message is not going to be effective if our advertising is not consistent with the message that we are delivering.”

New York’s banner advertising plan was first unveiled in May 2005, when the city signed a multiyear contract with the cable channel to carry the Fox Newscasts.

The contract with The Fox Network has come under renewed criticism in recent months, with the company releasing a study last year saying that the program had been responsible for the deaths of 2,000 people and contributed to the rise of HIV infections in the city.

In September, Bloomberg said that he was open to reconsidering the city-wide banner ad ban.

“If the city is going to continue to do advertising, that’s fine, but I don’t see that it’s necessary,” Bloomberg told the New York Post.

“You have to go to the local level.

I’ve said that.

I’m open to it.”

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