How to create a simple PHP Pagination Script

The following is a very simple PHP script that allows you to add an HTML page to your blog.

You can find more information on the scripts page.

You should create a blog and get your own domain name.

Then, add this PHP script to your existing blog: <?php function pagination(){ $pages = array(); // set the total number of pages for the blog to paginate var pages = $pages.length; // set each page's author, title and description for the page var author = $tags['author'] ?

$tags[0] : ”; // create a table for the pagination pagination(pagination(),$pages,$,$tags[‘title’]); } // add paginations for a specific page function paginate(page){ // the following code will create a new table for pagination // add a new page to the table if ( != page.title) { // add the author to the page if it doesn’t already exist $tags = array( ‘author’ => ); } // create an empty table for each pagination function empty(){ // insert the empty table to the end of the list $tags[] = []; } // append the new pagination items to the current page $pages[$pages] = $null; } You should then save the file and add it to your website, or use it to edit a blog post: You can also use this code in your blog template.

This can be a great tool for people who don’t want to write the whole code themselves.

If you’re working on a blog that’s very popular, you can even use this for SEO purposes:

{{ title }}

You should also create a WordPress plugin for your WordPress theme to use the PHP pagination code in.

This plugin will take care of the rest.

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